About Us

We let you enjoy every minute of your time in your way

We have created a perfect place for elder people, keeping in mind the facts of their age, the level of comfortability they need to walk, sit and sleep, to enjoy the ease of living here. A calm, energetic and cool place for elders to enjoy, create good memories with like-minded friends, chat, play, joke, and live a worry-free life. The atmosphere we have up helps you with a great deal to stay stress-free, healthy, happy and choose what you want, not what others say.

The Mauli Seva Sushrusha Kendra was started by Dr Prashant and Dr Pallavi Waman in the 25th May 2009.

Why Mauli Seva Sushrusha Kendra? We are not just taking care of people, but we are providing a home for them. Mauli Seva Sushrusha Kendra also a care centre for your dear ones, where patients are taken care of providing a hygienic, healthy environment and food, which greatly helps them to get better. We have also set up a system to take the best care of patients, which also helps the patient companions or relatives. Here are the facilities we provide, a disciplinary routine we follow, that makes us special. Mauli Seva Sushrusha Kendra is run by Dr.Prashant and Dr Pallavi itself and the daily round is taken. Dr Prashant has done Basic life support course while Dr Pallavi is M.S. (Prasuti and Sri-Rog) They will address the emergency situation if any or arrange the patient to shift at a hospital equipped with I.C.U.

  • Our care centre has a very healthy environment that greatly supports the health condition of patients to get better. Maintaining hygiene is our top priority since it plays a vital role in safeguarding patients from getting unhealthy again.
  • Our care centre has well-qualified doctors and nurses who can address any type of emergency and necessities, at any time. Which means we are 24*7 functional
  • Food is the primary role player in our well being and we believe we are what we eat. Hence our centre provides the best quality, nutritious food. The daily schedule of dining goes like this
    • Morning: Tea & breakfast
    • Afternoon: Lunch @ 12:00 PM
    • Evening: Tea & snacks
    • Night: Dinner @ 08.00 PM
    • Along with this we have purified drinking water facility, which is regularly cleaned, maintained and tested for its quality filtering.
  • In the case of patients with diabetics, Glucometer is there to monitor their sugar levels regularly and provide the food medications accordingly.
  • Quality food is prepared by an experienced chef in a well maintained, hygienic kitchen.
  • Mauli Seva Kendra is a perfect home for your loved ones, that provides all the facilities like the good quality bed, clean bed sheets, blankets, pillow & pillow cover, personal care things like soap, toothbrush toothpaste, hair oil and comb are provided. There is also hot water for the facility for bathing.
  • Books, television, newspapers, indoor games like chess are available for recreation and entertainment.
  • More importantly along with regular health monitoring, all the medicines are given by nurses at regular times without fail.
  • Bed, bed sheets, blankets, pillow & pillow cover and personal care things like soap, toothbrush toothpaste, hair oil and comb are provided.
  • We also organise short, one day outings for a change, once in a while. This keeps them happy, calm also in a good mood.
  • At Mauli Seva Kendra, any patients, old people, accident patients, mentally retarded people, handicapped, paralysed, blind, deaf, dumb and all other kinds of patients are allowed to get admitted.
The rules and regulations are formed with a motto of providing the best possible care to the needy, not to discriminate the few or create a bias among themselves. Breaking the rules is not allowed at any circumstances. We request you to go through the rules and regulations once. For any other queries you can reach us through the contect page.
  • Bedridden patients are kept separate from the others, just to provide better care, facilities.
  • There are separate residing facilities for Male and female.
  • The patients with contagious diseases are strictly not allowed, for the safety of the other people.
  • Only vegetarian food will be provided, which is highly nutritious as suggested by the doctor. Junk, unhealthy food is strictly not allowed for patients.
  • The person/patient is admitted for at least one month. If a person/patient wants to cancel the admission in the first month then the charges of that month are not refundable.
  • Providing current and previous medical information and habits is mandatory. The patient or relative should not hide any information.

For detailed rules and regulations, we request you to go through the admission form(available at our center).